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Once captured does THE LIFE of a photograph has to stop there ?

Il s’agit de l’extrait de l’article.

iPadPro, Procreate & Photography, working together in harmony.

As an amateur photographer and graphic designer I always searched for a harmonious way to unite them. While creating an image that would stand on its own, I needed to have a certain method that would depict my vision of combining different technics and products I got the opportunity to use…Show how they could intertwine and still keep their identity. It was my personal feeling and belief that an image could have, live, many lives, and didn’t have any limits. That a photograph could still be one and considered like art like I always believed it should be.

It all started, haphazardly, when I discovered that some of my images, that satisfied me, were blurred (quiet hard to accept at the beginning)…so instead of deleting them I decided to keep them and find a solution to my « handicap ». Curious on Apple’s coming innovations, products and as I love to draw I got the iPadPro with its pen. A few weeks later they had already created some special Apps for it. After trying all the existing applications I realised that « Procreate » was THE ONE for me!  It took me sometime to manipulate but the result, the way I could control the light and darks seduced me immidiately.

Some people told me it wasn’t photography, some were even kind of agressive, told me that there was too much post processing so not a photo (some even resent my images with their « corrections »). That they were not pure enough and of course my subjects no streets (cafés)… I respect all opinions, feedbacks are precious, and my purpose is not to convince but to create. It is a real pleasure for me to see that some people appreciate my work that I share as it is, some encourage me and I am grateful. I believe that there is room for all of us out there !

I don’t want to bore you too much with my literature so I’ll try to do it through images…